What Do You Need To Know About Coating Spray Guns?

What Do You Need To Know About Coating Spray Guns?

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Do you wonder why some projects have finer finishing than others? It all about the coating finishing. Good contractors are looking forward to providing clients with beautiful projects by ensuring that the results are eye-appealing. Traditionally, achieving the utmost finest finishing was somehow difficult considering that hand brushes were in use. However, thanks to technology, spray guns have immensely replaced hand brushes for commercial painting works. When you wish to purchase a coating spray gun, you have to consider things to get the best gun.

Gun spraying rate

What is the purpose of the gun? This should be a question to direct you to determine the type of guy to purchase. Spray guns have varying spraying rates per minute. Some are fast while others are relatively slow, but it is necessary to check out their rates on their specifications. You shouldn’t ignore this part if you don’t want to be disappointed, especially when handling a big project. The higher the spraying rate, the more effective the spray gun will be when managing the coating task.


When selecting spray guns, it is important to know their durability. You should understand that the guns you find in the market are made from varying materials. Some are intended for short-term use; no wonder they are sold at lower prices. However, manufacturers specialize in producing standard and durable guns that serve clients for a long period, if not forever. At this point, go for the best guns made from high-quality materials, resistant to rust and corrosion.

Gun nozzles

You will realize that the guns will come with different nozzle designs. The difference ensures that the user can adjust the nozzle to either reduce or increase the number of particles leaving the gun to the surfaces. The nozzles also are responsible for determining how the particles ought to come out. The guns with large nozzles are meant to handle big projects since they release cloud particles. They help reduce the time spent in a single project, unlike those with smaller nozzles that are commonly meant for smaller home projects.

Availability of spare parts

Consider not buying spray guns you aren’t sure about the availability of their spares. The common parts which require constant replacements include the nozzles and tips. Even after purchasing the best spray gun, you need to understand that it is prone to mechanical problems from time to time. Therefore, make sure you know how accessible and available the parts might be and how much they cost. Also, inquire about the best ways to replace them without hiring a specialist.

Is a spray gun easy to use?

Spray guns aren’t difficult to use compared to hand brushes. Nevertheless, when you are looking for a spray gun, determine the intensity of your job. Then, you can choose wisely the best gun for the task. Most importantly, when the task is big, consider purchasing a big spray gun but for small jobs, go for the ideal gun. It might be tiresome to use for newbies, but slowly, you get used since it doesn’t require much of the skills.

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