Google Chrome Keychain vs Keeper Security: Which Password Management is Right for You?


When you’re looking for a password management for individual or business use, you want to be certain you’re using the best. Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, come with their own built-in password managers. Is that enough? What benefits and drawbacks does a browser password manager offer? What about third-party software like Keeper Security?

The debate rages on regarding browser password managers and standalone software, so we’ll take an objective look at both Google Chrome Keychain and one of the top password managers on the web: Keeper Security. We’ll review features, cost, and a general overview of each so you can make a more informed decision.

Google Chrome Keychain


Google Chrome Keychain is Google Chrome’s built-in password manager. Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers on the market, with about 310 million people. Google’s Chrome browser aimed to become the number one internet browser by introducing the Google search engine in an engine-focused browser that contained all the tools you needed for faster, more reliable searches.

Among these tools is a basic password manager. The manager tracks passwords, automatically saves new passwords, and stores your passwords, credit card information, personal information like address and phone number, and more directly within the browser. While this certainly increases convenience, some have noted that the browser-stored information could be less secure.


Critics of Google’s built-in password manager have noted the lack of advanced features that standalone software usually offers. Google Keychain offers standard features such as:

  • Password storage and management
  • Autofill of credentials, credit card info, and personal info
  • Autosave features
  • Editable entries
  • Ability to turn off the password saving feature


Google Chrome’s built-in password manager has the advantage of being completely free to use, as is the browser it’s built into.


Overall, Google Chrome’s Keychain is a good tool for anyone who uses the Chrome browser. It’s secure, attaches right to the browser, and you can turn it off at any time. On the other hand, some feel it’s far less secure since it’s integrated directly into the browser, and Google’s data collection practices have been under scrutiny in the past.

Keeper Security


Keeper Security is a standalone password management system that’s available for business and individual use. Featuring some of the best customer support on the market, advanced security features, and software integration, it’s an excellent password manager for Google chrome and other browsers. Keeper Security maintains a commitment to improving its software as new threats and cybersecurity methods become available, which is one of the reasons it’s so successful in password management.


Keeper offers industry standard features and some extras that customers love. These include:

  • Secure password storage and management
  • Password generator
  • Admin roles and other role-specific access tools
  • MFA/2FA authentication features as well as TOTP integration
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Folders and sub-folders
  • Advanced two-factor authentication (DUO and RSA)
  • Active directory sync
  • Developer APIs
  • Unlimited device access and sync
  • Activity reporting

In addition to these great features, Keeper also provides dark web monitoring, which monitors the dark web to ensure your information isn’t floating around for sale in the darkest reaches of the internet. The dark web is a place where illicit activities occur, specifically credential sharing and selling in this case.


Keeper security is not a free service because it’s standalone software and contains dozens of high-level features. However, the pricing structure is designed to make it affordable for everyone from students to families to enterprise-level organizations.

Personal: $2.91 per month or $4.87 for premium

Family: $6.24 per month or $8.62 per month for premium

Enterprise: Call or email for custom pricing

Business: $3.75 per user, per month

Student: Up to 50% off personal plans for students


Overall, Keeper is one of the best password managers on the market. With advanced security features, low prices, and pristine customer support, this standalone software offers many advantages over its browser extension counterparts. The software integrates with most browsers and can help massively improve your personal or business cybersecurity architecture.

Which is Right For You?

Deciding which password manager is right for you largely depends on your needs as a person or a business. Businesses should probably invest in a password manager due to the sensitive nature of running a business. Browser password managers are simply not secure enough to fully protect business and customer data, and the average data breach can cost in the millions of dollars.

Consider the cost when you’re making your decision as well. For some, the only option is Google’s free password manager, because not everyone has a cybersecurity budget. However, it’s important to consider spending the extra few dollars per month to protect one of your most important cybersecurity features. Keeper costs less than $5 per month for an individual, and you can protect all of your passwords and even sensitive documents.

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