Low Carb Grocery Shopping

Low Carb Grocery Shopping

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Dieters who are searching for items that are low in carbohydrates often find themselves frustrated while shopping. Making a low carb grocery list before heading to the store is always a great idea. This list can even be made using aisles in a store to make the trip even easier.

The meat department of a grocery store is one of the easiest for those on a low carb diet. Most meats are naturally low in carbs. If calories are something that needs to be taken into account for the diet then the options are a little more limited. Grass fed chicken and wild caught salmon are two of the best options for either diet.

The produce department is one of the trickiest when it comes to a low carb diet. Shockingly not all fruits and vegetables fall into a low carb diet. Many greens are low in carbs. These greens include spinach, broccoli, kale, and green beans. Carrots in any color are iffy for low carb as are potatoes.

Grains are something most people on low carb diets try to avoid, but there are a few that will fit into the diet nicely. Oatmeal, Bulgar, and millet are just a few highly nutritious but lower in carb foods to try on this diet.

Knowing what you will purchase will make low car grocery shopping less stressful, and this can be accomplished by doing a little research and making a list.

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