The Best Logos in The World

The Best Logos in The World

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Your company logo is a seal and the link between your products and you, so for all your products, you’ll need to design a label with your logo on it. Manufacturers like CCL Design, formerly known as Fascia Graphics, are one of the best label manufacturers in the UK. They put your logo on your label, and you slap those labels on your products.

Now the question is, what should be on your logo? What makes a great logo, one that will make people remember how good the logo looks? Here, we’ll see some of the best logo designs ever and the story behind each one.


Apple’s logo evolved from their old 1976 logo with Isaac Newton sitting below an apple tree with an apple highlighted. According to a story, Steve Jobs didn’t like how complicated the logo was so they had it changed to something more simple but not cute, like how Jobs wanted it. Now the current logo is a reference to that apple. Despite the infamous way Apple treats its customers and user base, it’s logo remains as one of the most recognisable logos in Tech.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross’s logo signifies the organisation’s neutrality, itself being a palette swap of Switzerland’s flag. The Red Cross’s HQ also happens to be located in Switzerland. The logo’s simplicity is effective in getting the message across. When it is marked on a truck, all sides of any conflict recognises it as a neutral party.

This isn’t the only logo the Red Cross uses. They also use a red crescent moon to replace the cross when operating in Islamic countries. The change is because the Muslims are reminded of the crusades when they see the cross. This flag too is respected by the international community and is recognised as a sign that the party using it is neutral.


Just like Apple, Shell’s logo evolved gradually over the years and is now entirely different from the one the company used initially in 1901. That shell, which was from a mussel shell, was eventually replaced by the pecten shell in 1904, gained its yellow and red colours in 1948, and finally lost most of the shell-like details in the 1971 version of Shell’s logo. The current version of the logo was released in 1999.


Nike’s symbol, which is ironically just a checkmark, is probably one of the most recognisable brands in the footwear industry. The simplicity of the logo, just like most others, makes it easy for people to find.


FedEx’s modern logo, designed by Lindon Leader, was a brilliant design. Simple, and full of white spaces, it was easy enough to put on delivery vehicles like trucks and planes that are default white. It can be printed on a box or envelope that’s mostly white. This cuts costs. At the same time, the logo also carries the spirit of what the company does. In between of the orange “E” and “small x,” there is a white arrow pointing forward. It is a fitting logo for a delivery company.


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