Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Characteristics of an Effective Leader

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In today’s world, it is not enough to just be assigned a leadership role. You have to be effective in that role. An ineffective leader cannot get their team to follow them. As for the saying, leaders are born and not made, that is just not true. There are several characteristics that you can develop that can make you a good leader.

Learn to Adapt

Like David Walsh Bronxville, who adapted his Automatic Trading System for other markets, including banking, you have to learn to draw on what you know and adapt it to what you need. Adaptation is one of the hallmarks of leadership. It means challenging the status quo and finding innovative ways to do things more efficiently.

Apply What You Learn

Leaders build on what they’ve already learned. It is not just that you’ve learned something. It is that you’ve learned something and know how to apply it. Learning does not just stop when you graduate from high school or college. It continues throughout your life. For example, Bronxville’s David Walsh used his background in disruptive technology to develop the first financial extranet. He did this by drawing on what he learned in the past to develop something new.

Ability to Empower Others

Empowering others is done with a conscious decision. Some people think if they have the title, they need to point out other’s mistakes. Those that belittle their team are leaders in title only. True leaders empower their employees by building them up. They listen to their team’s ideas and input. If it is useful and practical, they aren’t afraid to implement it.

Empowered employees are more likely to think of what is best for the company rather than themselves. They work harder and longer for someone who they believe values them.

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