How to Design Your Very Own Logo

How to Design Your Very Own Logo

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One of the things to remember when you’re selling a big product is that your company’s logo must be on that product. Have your label manufacturers, like CCL Design, print your logo on your product’s labels in such a way that the logo can be seen. Take any product, say, for example, Nissin’s. You see that recognisable red bowl on top of the words, and you can tell even without looking “that’s Nissin”. Unless it’s a faked product whose logo is almost the same as that of the original, a red bowl will always be Nissin, a red cross will still be The Red Cross, and the four-letter Acer logo will always be Acer’s.

A logo can be anything: it can be just all letters and a word. It can also be accompanied by some small symbol or sign like FedEx or Nissin’s. Apps that you usually use on your phone or your computer use the logo of their product as the icons.

So how can you, a business owner, decide on what you want your logo to look like? There are a lot of ways to design a logo that can embody the goals and mission of your company. Here are just some of the things you should remember.

  1. When creating your logo, you need to be able to define what are the goals and mission of your company. What type of company are you? How does the logo represents you ? Let’s take the logo of Nissin as an example. How does Nissin’s logo represent the company? The Nissin logo is a red bowl with the name Nissin on it. Nissin makes noodles, and noodles are eaten in a bowl, ergo Nissin has something to do with noodles. Another example: Shell’s shell-shaped logo has long been associated with fuel. So, when you see the shell-shaped symbol above a gas station of yellow and red, you’ll always immediately recognise that the gas station is Shell.What to avoid as a logo is just text; plain text like you see at the back of every Samsung smartphone or Acer computer. You’ll have to think of some symbol or design so that people can recognise your brands, like Apple’s, Intel’s or Nvidia’s logos. It doesn’t need to be fancy, like the Oplus’ logo which is just an uppercase O with a superscripted plus sign on top, for example.
  2. Try to make your logo very simple. The problem with complicated, more detailed logos, is that they’re too costly to print or too complicated to remember. Look how simple Nike’s or FedEx’s logos are and you can see how easier it is to recognise their logos and how cost effective it is to print their logos. Another example we can take is McDonald’s. The distinctive yellow “M” atop their establishments or on burger wrappers is simple but very useful as the company’s logo. Another example of simple logos can be found on your computer application icons. Google Chrome’s logo is straightforward and thus easier to recognise.

Eventually, you’ll find a logo that you can work with. But once you have picked one, you’ll have to register the specific design of the logo, so no one steals it. You’ll also have to protect it from controversy. A logo, after all, is connected to your company.


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