Smart Ways to Use T-Shirts for Advertising


There is no doubt that shirts are an excellent way to promote your brand. When people learn that you are giving away free t-shirts, they will feel excited about it. You are giving them something that they can wear without paying to have it. Have the logo of your company printed on the shits using personalised garment printing services. If recipients of the free shirts wear them, they will be walking models to help advertise your brand.

Here are some techniques that will help make people engaged so that they can get the free shirt. 

Target inactive customers

If you have previous customers who used to buy a lot from you, but suddenly changed, you need to do something about it. Giving them free shirts with catalogues from your company will help bring them back to the fold. They appreciate your brand or else they might not have been among your loyal customers before. The reason why they are no longer active now is that they might have found other choices. You can still win them back gradually by taking the first move.

Host a social media contest

If you are giving quality shirts with fantastic designs, people will want to get one. You can make it slightly difficult for them by hosting a social media contest. In the process, you attract more people. You also allow them to promote your brand as they keep sharing their videos. Most of all, you will enable a sense of exclusivity. The winners will receive the limited shirts. It will motivate them to do their best so that they will be a part of that exclusive group.

Bring shirts during trade shows and conferences

Another good way to advertise to a lot of people is by attending conferences and trade shows. You will have the opportunity to contact your target audience directly. The problem is that there might be a lot of other people at such events. You need to take it a step further by giving out free shirts. If they come and ask questions about your company, you can hand out free shirts. You don’t want people to pass by since you miss the chance to make them your customers.

Prioritise your most loyal customers

You can do the usual “sticker” method where buyers of your products will receive a sticker for every purchase. If they reach a specific number of stickers, they can be eligible to have a free shirt. You might be giving them something for free, but in the process, you make money from them.

As long as what you are asking for is not difficult, and you can attract more attention, there is nothing wrong in carrying out these marketing strategies. You can also do the same for other merchandise that you are handing out for free. However, you need to customise the level of difficulty with the cost of the item that you are handing out to your clientele.


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