What Makes A Memorable Travel Experience?


The best travel experience is surely a matter of opinion, although some places and experiences are on many bucket lists. You probably have your won dream trips to take, although if you need inspiration, there are various books available, suggesting places that everyone should see before they die. And although it’s possible to have a memorable experience in your own home town or state, some places further afield are definitely worth the trip. Machu Picchu, Niagara Falls, the Pyramids of Egypt, Ayers Rock and the Taj Mahal are surely on most people’s list of must see places, and most of us would like to visit Venice, Paris, London and Rome at some point. Unforgettable experiences include a round the world cruise, an African Safari and enjoying an opera at Milan’s La Scala. It’s almost as much fun to plan these dream trips, as it is to take them.

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