What Is Two Year Old Sleep Regression?

What Is Two Year Old Sleep Regression?

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Sleep regression occurs when a baby becomes a toddler but reverts to sleeping as if they were much younger. This often occurs when they are between the ages of 18 and 24 months and is referred to as 2 year old sleep regression – since the baby is regressing to former sleep patterns.

This regression manifests in the child resisting their bedtime routine (which may previously have taken minutes) and drawing it out to 15, 30 and sometimes even 45 minutes until they finally go to sleep. It may also occur during naptimes where the child is restless, struggles to go to sleep and then becomes overtired and refuses to sleep at all. This behavior is part of a child’s natural developmental and behavioral cycle and often the best resolution to the problem is to remain consistent in your approach to putting the child to bed and maintaining a routine that the child associates with naps or bedtime.

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