Enlisting Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne

Enlisting Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne

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There is such a thing as cosmetic acupuncture. It is a gentler and more gradual method than using Botox, which really is just a temporary solution, anyway. It does something similar by helping to relax or desensitize the nerves of the face and is based on years of tradition. Acupuncture itself is thousands of years old, being used long before natural analgesics, but the method has been expanded to enhancing the appearance and health of the face.

Botox works by deadening nerves with a powerful toxin. It reduces muscle tension and causes the tissue to get used to not being moved, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Facial acupuncture does something similar but by a much more natural method. Inserting fine needles is a gentler method of manipulating nerves, and pricking the deeper tissue layers can have the effect of keeping the skin thicker. Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne could be your preferred resting place.

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