Website branding during times of crisis: The Basics


It’s been a couple of months since the Coronavirus started to turn our lives upside down. Most marketers are faced with stay-at-home work routines while their buyers’ focus is shifting. When you work with an eCommerce website designing company in India, it’s crucial that your B2B company changes its messaging, offers flexibility in price, or improves services like custom web design. It is all these factors that will play a role in how your brand adapts to the new normal.

Businesses are suffering everywhere; just have a look at the marketing stats that say just that. But along with COVID-19 come new opportunities when it comes to online business, website design, and marketing.

Here is a list of recommendations you can work on to fortify your brand while keeping it relevant and engaging. From engaging with your audience to driving brand loyalty, it will help you strengthen your business in the long run.

Let your brand be your guide

As an eCommerce website designing company in India, adapting to a new marketing approach during a pandemic is not only about introducing a new brand strategy – it’s about finding out what trends are most relevant and working on those. Remember to modulate your message based on your audience or channel and view the current crisis as a new way to improve your brand from within. Work on services like custom web design, content production, creative visuals, SEM, and more. Start by taking a look at your branding elements and your team’s capabilities, this will help you set your strategy.

Learn what’s new and relevant

To adapt to the current situation, identify which elements of your brand will most likely do well as compared to the rest. For example, services like content writing, social media, and custom web design appeal to the majority of the online businesses – as most brands have now started up online and require a personalized website to work. Brush up the more human elements of your brand like your mission, goals, values, and what drives you as a company. Your value as a company needs to meet the requirements of the clients and the local community.

Uber focussed their attention on helping people move from one point to another, they adapted their values and continued to deliver even when most people weren’t moving around that much. They performed tasks like providing free transport for healthcare workers, transporting meals and medicines, waiving the delivery fee for small restaurants, and a lot more.   This service helped thousands of people during the crisis and brought them out a valuable company.

Set your strategy

If you’re feeling a bit adrift and haven’t yet finalized on a proper brand strategy, don’t worry. You can use your team as a resource, put out ideas, do some research, and let this communication guide your decision making. In other terms, look at what your sales, customer service, PR department, and operations can do or change to drive in more customers and shape your brand.

Here are some things to consider:

  • What values or guidelines drive your day to day work?
  • What product/service do you want to sell to your customers?
  • What inspires the work you do and is in line with the current crisis?
  • How do your customers feel when they look at your brand?

Be on the same page

Each of your employees is important to your brand. When you calibrate your new ideas make sure every employee in your team understands it. Consider making a list of guidelines or even a document or slides explaining what you want to get out of it and how this subject needs to be approached. Once your employees learn your strategy, it will be easier for them to work towards a common goal. This will make it much easier for you to focus on other ideas and be well prepared to market your brands towards your audience’s perceptions.

Down the road

Whether you are starting from square one or improving on what you already have this period is crucial to improve and build your brand. There may be a lot of pieces to change moving forward but for now, focus on your brand and how to change it to meet the new market expectations. A well-crafted eCommerce website designing company in India will be able to weather every storm that comes its way while keeping its clients in close contact. Remember to focus on your custom web design and other online services and adapt your strategies accordingly.

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