Investing in Credit Suisse Gold Bars: Is It Worth It?


Investing in an asset comes with certain risks, which is why you should determine whether it will be worthwhile or not. This is especially important for gold since it is an inert metal, and you will not earn interest or profit by keeping the physical option.

However, we can differentiate numerous reasons for owning physical gold apart from speculating on its price. Generally, bullions feature specific benefits you cannot find in other investments. That way, you will earn power as an investor, so you can keep your valuables while maintaining a diversified portfolio.

Owning gold means avoiding thinking about dividend changes, earnings reports, unhappy shareholders, and interest payments. It is one of the assets where you can stop thinking about these factors, meaning you can use it for store value instead. The best way to learn everything about investing in gold is by entering here for more information.

Similarly, hundreds of years ago, gold could help you purchase a few things you needed. Compared with other investments, its track value is unmatched. You can buy less or more in some periods, but it will always return to its enduring value.

Its historical significance makes it a perfect investment in the modern world. The facts are that it stores value with the same strength today as when pirates and Kings used it years back. Central banks are buying it for reserves similarly to investors. Since it is indestructible, it will outlast you, meaning you can keep it until you reach a certain point.

Suppose you wish to use these advantages on your behalf. Then you should purchase physical gold. We are not talking about futures contracts, ETFs, but coins and bars. That way, you can reap the benefits and use them for safekeeping.

We can differentiate numerous reasons you should invest in physical gold, so you should stay with us for more information. Let us start from the beginning.

1.   Gold is Currency

Although we do not use it as a direct currency, it features money characteristics superior to any other. According to history, people used gold longer than any other currency available.

One of the essential aspects of money is that you can use it for a long time with the same value. At the same time, it stored value over the last three thousand years, making it one of the oldest ways of buying something you enjoy. For instance, the British Pound is thousand years old. Therefore, gold is a perfect way, which is more stable and prone to fiat currency.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, physical gold has been used as a store of value. In some periods, where short-term currencies grew in value which was more significant than gold. However, in long term, the chart went another way around. The dollar, for instance, has lost its purchasing power similarly to other paper currencies, which is not the same thing as gold.

You should know that gold will help you preserve purchasing power in the next ten years compared with the dollar. Its price fluctuates, but the value remains timeless. The dollars you save in the bank will continue to fall as time goes by. All paper currencies lose their weight over time, which is their nature.

Therefore, owning physical gold is the best option for protecting your wealth. It is also the perfect option for your heirs because it will outlast other currencies in the future.

2.   Tangible Asset

As soon as you decide to purchase physical gold, you can hold it in your hand, which is not something you can do with stocks or other investments. It is prone to time, water, and fire, meaning it will not deteriorate. Unlike other commodities, it does not require maintenance, fertilizer, or feeding.

Another essential advantage of owning gold is due to its tangible nature. Unlike banks, brokerage accounts, and payment services such as credit cards, bullion is out of reach from identity thieves and hackers. No one can erase or hack it.

It is vital to have wealth outside of digital means and forms in the modern world. The Internet may crash or become unavailable in the future, while Suisse gold bars will stay the same. As a result, bars are lifesavers.

Watch this video: and you will understand why people buy gold asa  safe haven against inflation and financial crisis issues that may happen.

3.   Lack of Counterparty Risk

When you hold gold bullion, you will not need a paper contract to make it complete. At the same time, you do not need a third-party or intermediary to fulfill obligations. The main reason it is a financial asset that does not feature counterparty risk and someone else’s liability.

This is highly important because the precious metals will be the last standing in case of an economic crisis or bubble pop. It is a powerful tool you should have in your portfolio as soon as things start to go wrong in your economy or country.

Gold will always have value, meaning you can always sell it for currency. Besides, the investment will never go to zero, because it never happened in its history. That is a powerful feature compared with other assets that can easily crash and wreak havoc on your finances.

4.   It is Confidential and Private

It is challenging to own an asset in today’s world without anyone noticing it. However, having physical bullion will give you this characteristic. Understand that you should report the gain on your income taxes, but it is one of the few investments you can make anonymously.

The main idea is that no one should know about it, while other assets and investments do not share the same benefit.

5.   Portable and Liquid

You should know that gold is perfect because you can carry it in your pockets and take it anywhere. At the same time, you can sell it with ease because it is in demand. Virtually any bullion dealer will recognize Credit Suisse’s gold bar and buy it from you. We recommend you to read about its origin to learn everything beforehand.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can resell it in a local coin shop, online dealer, or a private party. You can either sell it for cash or trade it for goods, making it perfect currency in an emergency.

The process is faster than selling your brokerage account or stocks because you will need to wait three business days for settlement before they can transfer your cash to a check or bank account. Other collectibles, such as artwork, require more time to resell because they have high commissions and a small customer base.

Its liquidity means you can take coins anywhere and sell them when you feel comfortable. It is as simple as that.

6.   Simple to Store

When it comes to storage, you can choose a professional option, where you can keep it safe while paying a separate fee for the process. You can lock it down until you need it without additional maintenance, such as owning an apartment or entire property.

You can also secure it in your household, but it comes with certain risks. Therefore, you should get a high-end safe and protect it against potential thieves.

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