Using Angel Oracle Cards


If you seek a powerful deck of tarot cards, which will help you in all your relationships, then Angel Oracle Cards could be right for you. This simple-to-use deck, devised by award-winning psychic and astrologer Dr. Lauren Cox, is ideal for beginners and those more experienced with astrology and divination cards. Angel Therapy is an effective guidance and healing method that involves working closely with your inner angel guardians and your archangels (especially Michael and Raphael) through a carefully designed reading. The unique and distinctive layout of the Angel Oracle Cards helps the user get the most from this very powerful method. These cards feature Lauren’s uniquely designed ‘winged’ layout of pentacles, which she says represents the energy that supports the human spirit and allows you to move towards your purpose in life. This unique deck of cards offers many fascinating aspects of reading, including love, career, money, love life, relationships, and much more – it can also be used as a stand-alone tarot card deck or incorporated with other tarot decks.

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