What Are 3D Animation Services?


3D (three dimensional) animation refers to the process of using computers to create animated objects that appear to move through three dimensional space and behave as if they have physical properties and are subject to the laws of physics. These objects cab be rotated and moved as if they were real objects. The aim of 3D animation services is to represent objects as closely as possible to real life. It is the art of using motion to bring characters, vehicles and scenery to life for games, films and TV shows.

In film and television, the 3D computer graphics are resolved to a two dimensional representation of the 3D world and this is the most commonly used sense of the word. While animation is also used in 3D computer games the three dimensional space is explicit and the player inhabits the space and interacts with it through a character or other virtual object. Such interactions are not pre-scripted and inherently open ended.

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