Uses Of Florescent Light Tubes


Florescent light tubes (also called light-emitting diodes or LID) are used in many different industries because of their energy efficiency, durability, and safety. They have been a staple in the technical and scientific community for decades, and recently they’ve grown in popularity as an alternative energy source.

Fluorescent tubes are so well-suited to many different applications that their popularity continues to grow even though more technologically advanced lights provide a brighter light at a lower cost.

Florescent tubes are made in dozens of different shapes and sizes, so they’re often found in various sizes and configurations. Most of these tubes are housed in very clear glass containers, allowing you to view all of the tubes’ inner workings while looking at the tube itself. Fluorescent light tubes also have different options in terms of phosphor coatings, such as being coated with a Lead halide (LH), coated with Silver Halide (SCH), coated with Mercury vapor, or having a fluorescent bulb with a tungsten coating. Whatever fluorescent lamp you decide on, make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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