Young Carers In London

Young Carers In London

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Young carers London are children under 18, who look after a family member who is ill or help them by looking after the other members of the family while they can’t. They provide emotional support to the person they are caring for. They make them learn to nurse themselves and look after their personal needs like bathing and dressing. They do hard work and even unlike other children understand their responsibilities and have less free time than them. Young carers also have support of their family members who cope well with them. They have equal rights to get the same attention and care as they give in their services. Some of them have to deal with their own problems like stress and boredom.

A number of carers trusts are working in London that help young carers to cope up with their responsibilities. These trusts provide legal and emotional support, trainings in health topics, life skills and refreshment activities for the young carers.

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