The Emergence Of Modern-day Parking Systems


Automatic parking garages are installed with mechanical systems and enabled by applications, tools, and devices to help pick up cars and transfer them to and from the parking bases. Multiple level stacks, racks are used to help keep the cars safely. The first application of automated parking system is believed to have started in Paris, France as early as 1905. The first garage where APS made its debut is the famous Garage Rue de Ponthieu.

This garage featured a multi-story concrete building that was fitted with internal elevators to help transport vehicles upstairs where the garage attendants could park the vehicles. Since then, parking technologies have undergone tremendous development and evolution. Today, garages boost of having some of the most robust and innovative devices and tools that allow for seamless parking of cars. Some of the common parking systems include the following:
• Mechanical parking
• Rotary parking
• Robotic parking
• Automatic parking
• Stacker parking

• Mechanical Parking System
• Robotic Parking System
• Rotary Parking System
• Automatic Parking
• Stacker Parking

Parking technology can be fully automated or semi-automated

Each type offers a number of benefits and they equally come with their own downsides. For instance, a robotic type of garage system provides for stress-free parking because the system is controlled remotely. It also has a ticketing system that is issued to the drive upon making a payment. The car is automatically retrieved using the same ticketing and control system. In a semi-automated type, mechanical systems are used to transport cars to the parking space. The difference is that it requires a human hand in facilitating the parking process.

Advantages to Customers

• Drivers do not need to spend hours driving up and about looking for available parking spaces
• It is time-saving
• Provides drivers with a memorable parking experience
• Cars and drivers are safe and secure from insecurities that characterized traditional garages
• No chances of your car getting scratches and dings

How Municipalities and Property owners Benefit from Parking System Chicago

Like drivers, automated and semi-automated systems provide numerous benefits to property owners and city authorities. Here are some of the benefits they may derive from these parking technologies:

• Optimal space utilization
• Environmental conservation
• Increased public safety and security
• Eliminates the need for walkways, lighting, and pedestrian signage
• Improved handicap access
• No accidents since people are not allowed in parking areas instead devices such as forklifts and elevators are used
• Reduced staff costs
• Reduced construction costs

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