The Advantage Of An Automated Parking System


An automated parking system consists of a control station, parking garage, or a vehicle tracking system. An APS is usually equipped with a GPS tracking system that allows users to locate, monitor, and track any vehicles that have entered the garage. These systems are typically controlled by a computer program that is programmed into the unit. For an APS to be used efficiently, it must have a centralized location so that the entire system can be programmed into the computer. Because of how these systems work, they typically require the use of a manual or computerized keypad to operate. An APS also needs to have a backup power supply in case of an electrical failure. If a power outage occurs, you may not be able to access your garage until a technician can arrive.

When looking for a system for your parking lot, you should consider what features are most important. Some automated parking systems are similar to a toll-free telephone service. However, other parking garages offer these programs at a very reasonable rate. An APS program is generally configured to allow you to choose which days are free and which days you need to pay. Some systems provide a parking schedule to the individual that signs the monthly contract, which allows you to automatically make changes to your schedule in the future if you feel the need.

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