Benefit Of Synthetic Stucco Siding


Traditional stucco siding, also known as fiberglass-based siding, is composed of Portland cement, water, sand, and lime. This mixture is typically applied over a thin lath board base covered with an expanded acrylic polymer coating to prevent cracking during intense weather conditions. The resulting material is highly resistant to the elements but requires regular maintenance due to the water content.

Synthetic Stucco has its advantages over traditional stucco siding, including lower initial cost, the ability to be applied in various shapes and sizes, a variety of styles, and resistance to damage from exposure to the elements. It is also available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, including wood tone and brick, allowing homeowners to add a real touch of interior design to their home. However, one of the main benefits of synthetic stucco siding is that it requires virtually no maintenance or repair, requiring homeowners to save money in the long run. This type of siding often comes with a seamless, self-adhesive backing, making it perfect for use in residential and commercial buildings alike.

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