Thai Stick Mold Kit


In the 1970s, people used to make cannabis cigars using the painstaking method of skewering cannabis nugs in a bamboo stick and wrapping it with hemp twine.

A Difficult Art

The method of making Thai sticks is an art that is not easy to master. You have to prepare the materials with caution and practice getting the nugs in place.

The war on drugs put a stop to the making of Thai sticks. However, the practice is making a comeback but with a modern twist.

Making Cannagars Today

With a Thai stick mold kit, you can easily make a cannagar without learning the delicate art of making traditional ones. It may still require a bit of work, but it is much cheaper than buying a ready-made one at the store.

Invest in a quality mold and start making cannabis cigars for your group session with friends.

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