Effective Dip Alternative That Can Assist You

Effective Dip Alternative That Can Assist You

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If you have decided to quit dipping, you may notice that it is not easy. However, you may realize that there are various alternatives to help you stop the cravings. The important thing is finding something that is nicotine-free. The following are dip alternative to assist you.

Sunflower Seeds

They are popular pacifiers that you may want to use to imitate dipping. You can keep the mouth busy by sucking up the flavors and chewing the seeds then spitting their hard shells.

Beef Jerky

It is an adequate substitute for dipping. It feels and resembles shredded tobacco and also mimics this action. Even without the minty flavors of mints and gums, it is good to keep the mouth busy.

Chewing Gums

It keeps the mouth busy, and it is an effective and familiar method. It has several flavors to help you enjoy.


These are some of the best alternatives you can get. However, commitment is critical to quit dipping.

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