Safe And Sound Protocol

Safe And Sound Protocol

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Safe and Sound Protocol is a revolutionary therapy developed by Dr. Stephen Porgies. It is an innovative auditory intervention which helps to improve from auditory sensitivity and mental stress. It is based on the principle of Polyvinyl Theory. It enhances the auditory response and speech perfection in the children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. It helps to overcome stress caused by sensitivity of auditory system and improves psychological as well as social wellness of the person.

A certified physiologist helps to implement the three pathways of SSP therapy ie. SSP core, SSP balance and SSP connect. It can be undertaken at a clinic or at home as well.

The overall therapy is comprising of music sessions for consecutive five days, one hour per day. The variable frequencies of the music modulate the auditory system in a way that the person becomes capable of predicting sound with background noise and in multiple sound environment.

This program can be availed in purchased subscriptions and is easily accessible on android, laptop, pc etc. The headphones are recommended to facilitate interrupted flow of music into auditory system.

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