What Is The Safe And Sound Protocol?

What Is The Safe And Sound Protocol?

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The Safe and Sound Protocol is an auditory intervention program designed to reduce stress and sensitivity to auditory sensitivity while enhancing a person’s overall social engagement and resilience. The five hour program was created by Dr. Stephen Porges and is based on his Polyvagal theory. It seeks to engender a calm emotional and physiological state in which a patient can improve their communication with the therapist leading to a better overall therapeutic outcome.

As a research-based therapy, the protocol has shown significant results after its five hour application and has been shown to help in the following areas:

• Emotional and social interaction issues
• Auditory sensitivity to loud or annoying sounds
• Anxiety and other trauma-related issues
• Inattention and hyperactivity
• Stress factors that impact on successful social engagement

According to the protocol, emotional and physiological states are closely bound up with how a person approaches a given situation. When they feel they are in control they become more open to therapy and this improves therapeutic outcomes.

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