Popular Indian Food To Cook


If you are looking to expand your cooking knowledge Indian food has a lot to offer you. Here are three popular dishes you will want to prepare.

Butter Chicken is an extremely popular dish you should try your hand at making. Tender chicken that is cooked in a tomato sauce full of delicious spices is what you will end up with and it is most often served over rice.

Samosas should also be on your list of recipes to try. This tasty baked or fried pastry that is packed with savory fillings is going to be a hit. Onions, peas, potatoes, and lentils are all often used in this dish.

If you have ever tasted naan bread you know how amazing it is to enjoy. It complements Indian dishes perfectly. This bread can be served in a number of ways including with chili spices, with garlic and butter, and of course plain.

Learning to prepare food like this is going to be an enjoyable experience that will be just as fun to eat as it is to prepare.

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