Mad Honey Harvested From Nepal

Mad Honey Harvested From Nepal

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Mad honey is reddish colored honey that is made by bees that feed on specific types of Rhododendron plants that contain grayanotoxins. These grayanotoxins are a natural neurotoxin that infuses the honey that, when eaten, causes light-headedness and, in some reported cases, hallucinogen effects on the person that consumes it.

The plants that contain this ingredient only grow at very high levels in the mountainous regions of Turkey and Nepal. Mad honey Nepal grows at heights of about 3000 feet and is extremely difficult to collect. It is collected by the Gurung tribesman who traditionally used it for medicinal or cultural reasons. Today the honey can be purchased on the internet from original providers in Nepal. While many people report the effects of the honey as mild and pleasurable, over intoxication can lead to blurred vision, fainting and in some extreme cases, death.

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