How To Teach Kids Coding

How To Teach Kids Coding

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Teaching coding to kids (or how to program a computer or other device) can be a great way to set them up for a future career or, at least, to teach them concepts that will be useful in our increasingly digital world. Even if you know nothing about coding yourself, there are a wide array of resources available online.

To get started get your kids to learn the basics of coding by reading a book or watching a short video. Get them to a point where they explain coding in a couple of sentences. Encourage kids to talk to a friend about how the video game is coded; they can also ask a robotics teacher how programming powers bots.

You should never underestimate the value of learning through conversation; it gives children a chance to understand what they’ve learned an learn something new by listening. There are a variety of courses available online for teaching kids to code any you can also invest in a small robotics kit to get them started.

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