About Stem And Steam Learning

About Stem And Steam Learning

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When the old saying that ‘no one ever gets tired of learning’ is used, it is usually to refer to learning using formal schooling. Stem and Steam Learning, also known as ‘Accelerated Learning,’ is a learning method developed by the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Its main aim is to provide the learner with much greater flexibility in teaching they get.

One of the biggest problems in traditional teaching techniques is that they tend to have a fixed timetable, making it difficult for the learner to fit their learning around their life and family. This problem can be eliminated by a curriculum and teaching system that uses a mixture of classroom and self-study, where students can choose their study routines.

Students who are well prepared for Stem and Steam Learning classes can attend with confidence and reach their goals in an environment that is both flexible and supportive. This is because they can choose their own pace and move from one stage of study to another without feeling discouraged or bored.

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