What Is An Intuitive Consultant?


An intuitive consultant (sometimes also called a psychic, a medium, or shaman) provides advice or answers to people’s questions through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other techniques. They work with spirits, spirit guides, ascended wise men, masters and angels to provide guidance about the possible choices to make with regard to decisions about issues at work, in the family, a career, a romantic partner and about overall personal well-being.

Intuitive counselling sessions offer an opportunity to delve into a person’s desires and dreams and to then help that person to create a life that reflects their inner vision. During a session, a person receives psychic guidance that empowers them to achieve clarity about their life and the obstacles and issues that are holding them back from living their vision. A person receives intuitive feedback about what is successful in their lives, what is not, and what events could complicate their happiness both at the present moment and in the future.

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