How To Provide GCSE Revision Support

How To Provide GCSE Revision Support

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If you’re helping a student with their GCSE exams, here are some tips to when providing GCSE revision support:

• Set goals so that you know what subjects to focus on and what you are looking to achieve.

• Create a revision timetable to structure the time you spend and so that you can set periods to achieve specific objectives in specific subjects.

• Understand a student’s learning style; everyone learns differently and this should be applied to revision as well.

• Take regular breaks so that what is learnt has time to sink in; sometimes studying for long periods can actually be counterproductive when a student becomes tired and loses focus.

• Use past exam papers are part of the revision and even have the student sit a practice exam – this will solidify the material being revised and will allow you to see how effective the revision has been.

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