Traditional British Christmas Pudding

Traditional British Christmas Pudding

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If you visit a British food shop in person or shop online, you can find all sorts of goodies. Chocolate, custard powder, biscuits, bangers, real bacon, pork pies and sausage rolls are all good buys. And if you visit close to Christmas, one popular purchase is a traditional British Christmas pudding. This rich dessert contains raisins, currants and dates as well as various spices, sugar and candied fruit peel. It’s usually served warm with custard after the main Christmas meal. It’s known for being rich and very filling, so is best not eaten immediately after dinner. The pudding has its origins in medieval England, and has been a festive staple ever since, although it was actually banned by Over Cromwell at one point. Authentic puddings can be found at most British food stores overseas, as well as in various gourmet food shops.

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