How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrate


Many experts share that preserving cannabis extracts is easier than preserving flowers, especially once you have figured out proper storage methods. Like all other things that need to be preserved properly, your weed needs to be kept away from moisture, heat, and light to be at its best.

Containers For Cannabis Concentrates

The most idealistic environmental conditions that you need to have for properly storing cannabis concentrates are the same for all consistencies. However, the best choice of storage containers varies widely based on the consistency of the extract.

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We have not only compiled but also listed various containers that you can use to store cannabis concentrates.

Silicone Jar

When we talk about storage versatility, silicone jars are the first to come to mind. Like it makes storing other things easier, storing cannabis concentrates is also made easier with silicone jars. One thing that you have to take care of is that you have to use medical-grade silicone. Using this will ensure that your cannabis concentrates remain sanitary and uncontaminated for longer periods.

Even though they seem like a convenient option, silicone jars are a better choice for short-term storage purposes. If you’re going to use the wax in a week, then it should be fine. However besides that, silicone jars aren’t air-tight, so you can’t use them to preserve the quality of your cannabis extracts for longer periods.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper, if used alone, makes an ideal pick for short-term storage for a few extract consistencies such as shatter. It’s also used to make dabs at home by using the rosin technique.

But here’s something that you will enjoy. By adding just a few extra steps to your storage routine, you can turn the use of parchment paper into medium-term storage or longer. If you only want to use your concentrates for a few weeks, then you can put the parchment paper into a sealed food bag. Place this paper inside an air-tight container and place it in a cool, dark place.


For users living in hot areas with no cool dark place, you should use a refrigerator or freezer for long-term storage of cannabis extracts. The extracts have to be stored inside a parchment paper or a glass jar. Then the container needs to be vacuum-sealed to ensure that no humidity contaminates your cannabis extracts.

If you don’t own a vacuum sealer or enough quantity of cannabis concentrate to warrant one, you can take up other precautionary measures. Put the parchment paper or glass jar inside a sealed bag. You can then place this bag inside an air-tight container.

Glass Jar

You can use anything from a small glass jar with a plastic twist-on top to a mason jar. The choice of glass jar depends on the quantity of cannabis concentrates that you have. To make the most out of it, you have to use the smallest container possible so that there’s no extra space for air inside your storage container.

Plastic Jars

Another short-term storage option to consider is glass jars while using certain consistencies of hash oil. We don’t recommend you to store your cannabis concentrates in plastic jars because if the concentrate is stickers, it shatters will stick to parts of the plastic jar where it’s very tough to get it all off. This makes plastic jars a good option for a narrow spectrum of products.

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