The importance of creating a blog to boost your traffic and conversions

The importance of creating a blog to boost your traffic and conversions

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Years ago, blogs were established on corporate websites as one additional element among their categories.

Brands know the importance of creating a blog for the image of the company. But why is blogging so important to improve traffic and conversions?

Everything that you need to know about using marketing strategies through your blog is here in this article.

How to transform a blog into leads?

When a company has a corporate blog, it is used as an extension of the brand to explain everything that does not fit on the main website.

From informing about the news in their products, promotions, celebrations of events, advice – all that information about the brand that may be of interest to the user and provides quality information.

But it’s not just about having a blog, you have to get the most out of it. Take note of these tips to improve your marketing strategy.

–         Improve SEO positioning

Create a blog to upload positions in the main search engines. The creation of blogs with a theme related to that of the company is key to improving the dissemination of content and positioning your website higher in search engines.

–         Create a blog to promote the company’s products and services

Through your posts, you can show users who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them. bringing them closer to you in a non-intrusive way.

By gaining the interest of visitors, you will generate traffic to your website that can be translated into an increment in conversions.

–         Generate quality traffic

Get a greater number of visits compared to a static page where there is never news. The periodic update of your blog will be rewarded by SEO, as well as, by users.

A website without news is dead and customers will forget about it.

It is necessary to maintain their interest by nurturing them with content that provides them valuable information.

It is a channel that does not cost money but requires time, work, effort, and a good content strategy to maintain a continuous connection with customers, keeping them interested in the content that you share.

–         Get to know your audience better

One of the most important issues in creating a blog is the ability to get to know your audience better.

Seeing their behaviour, comments, leads, bounce rate – knowing what your customers are interested in or not interested in, what lines should the brand follow, where to focus its efforts, or, on the contrary, what points to discard for not being welcomed by our public.

The importance of creating a blog designed “by and for them”, since, indirectly, they give you the guidelines you need to know what the user is demanding.

–         Keep the business alive on the Internet

Blogs are very useful to give voice to our products and generate more traffic, which translates into possible conversions.

The publication of quality content will make you move your brand not only to the top positions of Google but also through the networks in which our blog is disseminated.

–         Build a community

The importance of creating a blog lies in generating trust between your brand, your products or services, and your potential customers.

The user, and possible client, must feel you in a close way.

Establish colloquial, attractive, and regular communication. Maintain contact with the user with publications to maintain their interest in the brand, and attending to feedback.

It is important to create a community around your website through company-client communication. And, of course, invite you to comment, share, and make you feel involved and valued within the brand.

This is the best way to build loyalty.

Updates, quality, and a good strategy for your blog will always be translated into an exponential increase in traffic and, consequently, in conversions.

So far Serendipity Marketing’s advice on the importance of creating a corporate blog.

If you need personalised advice to improve your positioning, do not hesitate to contact us.

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