Looking For a Job? Got Work for Someone? Post it Online!

Looking For a Job? Got Work for Someone? Post it Online!

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If you’re working for a company’s HR division, chances are you’ve dealt with online recruitment agencies before. One of the many wonders of the Internet, job posting online, makes it easier for both employees and employers to find each other and help bring growth to companies and employment to people. Recruitment centres like Devonshire Recruitment continue to hire and provide companies with the people they need. For the employees, this also means that they can find work whenever, wherever.

But is that the only benefit that HR get from the Internet? Certainly not. The Internet has done a lot when it comes to hiring people.

  1. The internet has made the scrutiny of applicants much easier. This goes not just for the company, but also for the aspiring applicants. Applicants can stay at home and be interviewed via Skype, take exams online, and even submit work and portfolios via email. No one will have to leave home and deliver printed out work by hand. Having everything saved into a ZIP or RAR file, and then emailing it to your interviewer will save you both time and money.
  2. Companies can now have outsourced HR divisions using recruitment agencies. All companies have to do is pay the outsourcing companies a monthly amount based on the agreed price. This is great for growing companies that have limited office space or for companies which want to save money by not expanding office space.
  3. Applicants can change or post new information and employers can view said changes immediately. Say an applicant changes addresses. When the internet was not around the applicant’s address remained as the one they stated on paper. You couldn’t even contact the applicant by phone because back in the day there were no smartphones or cellphones. Telephones were static and remained with the house it was installed in unless you asked that your line be transferred to your new address. This meant that contacting the applicant via phone was useless if they moved. Now employers and recruitment companies can contact the applicants via email and ask them where they currently live.
  4. An applicant may now also apply for work in other countries from the comfort of their home. Employers can now seek aspiring applicants from overseas. This opens up a new opportunity for companies to be able to hire talented people and opportunities for people in poorer countries to escape poverty and a chance to immigrate to work for the company and work for a better life.

Also, the Internet has given applicants and companies the chance to talk to each other, pass out information, and better manage job fairs and mass hiring. Such things aren’t possible without making it easy for the applicants and employers to go online. The internet indeed is a beautiful thing for all. The impact the internet has had on every industry, and well as on society, has changed everything and made it even better.

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