Helpful Hints: 3 Ways To Improve MS Symptoms


MS symptoms can make every day feel like the same day…

The good news is there are ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen as frequently, that your energy increases and so does your mood.

Here are ways to improve MS symptoms starting today…

Start Multiple Sclerosis physio therapy.

If you are having trouble with movement, gait or nerve damage, a physio can help you to regain better control.

Try natural or prescribed energy lifters.

Hypersomnia occurs in a portion of MS patients. This is basically the feeling that you could sleep endlessly and still be sleepy or tired. Caffeine can be helpful. So can a great diet. However, if that isn’t working, an ADHD med or serotonin increasing medicine may give you the energy you are lacking. Your doctor will have several ideas!

Workout when you can.

Muscle training has been shown to heal muscle fiber damage and even some nerve issues. If bar bells feel overwhelming, try cloth resistance bands. Latex bands are easier to work with but they also pop easily.

On bad MS days remember that the lows always come up. Hang in there. You’ve got this!

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