Advantages Of Using A Land Tensure System


Land tensure is vital in the growth of agriculture. Learning of the essential role it plays will help you determine if this is a system for you to use. Here are some of the effects of land tensure system.

Locate The Owner

The land tensure system is prevailing, and it will help you locate the rightful owner of the land. When you do this, you will recover the land revenue and put in place agricultural developments.

Development of agriculture

The tenure system aids those cultivating to get the right to ownership of the land. This aids in establishing a link between those developing and the government.

Increase resources

When you use the tensure system, you can help in increasing the resources. This is one of the ways to motivate farmers to work.


Private ownership is essential as it can motivate the farmers to work. Working with the administration will encourage the farmer to put in the effort.

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