Hospital Swaddle Babies For A Reason

Hospital Swaddle Babies For A Reason

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Hospital Swaddle babies for two reasons. The first reason is to protect the babies. Secondly, the nurses and doctors want to ensure that the babies are safe and comfortable.

Doctors and nurses feel that it helps babies feel more secure. Many parents say that it makes their baby less irritable and more comfortable. It is said that the effect is doubled when the baby is swaddled in a hospital blanket. It is thought that this extra comfort assures the newborn or baby that he is safe.

However, swaddling is a personal decision and should be considered with care. Once you come home with the baby, you can find many shops that sell these swaddles. You can check the product and use it at home as well. Since it mostly keeps your baby safe and comfortable, it is good to have at home.

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