Guide for choosing an Ohio injury attorney


Medical malpractice, auto accidents, trip & fall accidents, dog bites, nursing home abuse, and construction accidents – Are some common reasons why you may need a lawyer. You don’t need any random lawyer, but someone who specializes in personal injury law. If the other side (who owed a duty of care to you) was negligent, you could be entitled to a settlement for your losses. If you are hiring an Ohio injury attorney for the first time, here are five practical tips to consider. 

  1. Make a small list. Ask around and talk to people who have hired accident lawyers in the past to find a few potential names. If you don’t have references, check on Google or websites like Nolo and Avvo. 
  2. Don’t hire a lawyer with bad reviews. One of the first steps for comparing attorneys is to check reviews. Things other clients have to say about an attorney must be considered. Too many bad reviews are a possible red flag. You can also ask the law firm for a few references. 
  3. Check their work profile. Even in personal injury law, there are different types of cases. An attorney may specialize in medical malpractice claims but may not have as much experience working on dog bite-related claims. Check their work profile and ensure that they are capable of fighting your battle. 
  4. Ask about trial experience. The majority of personal injury lawsuits are settled outside of the court. Representing clients at trial is not the forte of many lawyers. However, you would need someone with relevant experience if your matter is not resolved through negotiations. This is an important aspect to know. 
  5. Check their response and fee. Did the lawyer’s office respond immediately to your calls and emails? Did you manage to meet the attorney without delay? If yes, how much did the lawyer ask for as their fee? For personal injury cases, the standard norm is a contingency fee, which is only payable after a win. 

Be careful of lawyers who look like a “jack of all trades, but master of none”. Winning personal injury claims and lawsuits requires experience, expertise, and the ability to negotiate. Your lawyer should be willing to take action, regardless of who is on the other side. The ferocious attitude and a smart approach are two factors that distinguish one injury lawyer from another. You have to take action right away because you need to start the claims process, which your attorney can advise. 

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