Roadmap of a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Conyers 

Roadmap of a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Conyers 

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Contrary to the popularly held opinion, every personal injury is different from the rest. There is no one size fits all approach while approaching personal injury cases. If you have undergone a personal injury, then you might be already in pain. More precisely, you need compensation for the loss you suffered. 

The heaping hospital bills, the travelling cost and the missed working hours will put you in financial distress, which is very difficult to cope with. In some cases, the injuries lead to a permanent disability, which can be disastrous. If you are looking for Conyers Personal Injury Lawyer then you must approach MG law offices.

Located in Conyers, Covington and Atlanta, they have been in the field of delivering justice to their clients for many years. They have a team of experienced attorneys who have been on the list of 40 under 40 and they also have the winners of many awards like the prestigious National Trial Lawyers and the Top 100 Trial Lawyers awards. 

They handle a variety of cases like auto accidents, DUI accidents, premises liability, pedestrian and bicyclist accidents, wrongful deaths, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and workplace injuries. If you are still not convinced, you may read their testimonial page to get a better idea of their services. 

How does an attorney move forward with the personal injury case?

The first step of such cases is the hiring of an attorney. This is also a very important step because the type of attorney that you hire will make or break the case. Your attorney must not only be qualified to deal with such a case but should also be able to empathize with the client rather than viewing the client as just a profit-making machine. 

After the initial consultation, the attorney will decide whether the complainant has a case or not. If the case appears to be one that will stand in the eyes of law, then the fees agreement is executed and the attorney-client relationship will be established. After that, the attorney files a personal injury complaint in the civil court, which enjoys the jurisdiction. 

Once the complaint is filed, it must reach the defendant too and for this, the attorney has a month-long time. After that, the defendant also hires his attorney. 


Hiring an attorney is the most important step of a personal injury recovery suit. 

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