Being Discriminated Against at Workplace- The Role of an Employment Attorney


As an employee of the company, some people may have to face discrimination at various levels. The number of cases is rising in most companies. The common reasons for discrimination include race, gender, sexual orientation, color, nationality, and religion. Depending on these factors, a person may feel bad if he has not been offered a wage, promotion, and perks. That’s why it is strongly recommended to contact a Hackensack employment lawyer. He can assist you in protecting your rights as an employee and even explain what your options are. 

Based on age

This type of discrimination is prohibited in offices where the employee is over the age of 40 or so. Apart from that, any person should not be offered duties or job responsibilities due to young or old age. In such a scenario, the employee can report the discrimination along with proof and contact an attorney who can protect his rights.

Disability discrimination 

In this type, the person is not assigned duties because of his medical condition because he is considered not fit for the job. Moreover, an employee should not be refused to offer work purely based on his disability. If this has happened to any of the employees, he or she can file a lawsuit and get justice.

Gender and sex-based discrimination

If a person is not offered duties and job responsibilities based on gender, he can file a case. As per the laws, men and women should be given equal duties as well as salaries. Likewise, no one should be offered promotions because of his or her gender. A person should be qualified to get the job, salary, and promotions based on talent. If an employee decides to file a lawsuit because of this factor, he or she should produce supporting evidence and documents.

LGBTQ discrimination in the office

Transgender or anyone with a different sexual orientation should be offered equal responsibilities when it comes to working in an office. Discrimination against these people is common in many offices and that’s why the laws have become a bit more strict about implementation.  If you are experiencing this type of discrimination, you should hire an attorney, who has good experience in dealing with such cases.

Discrimination against pregnant women 

In many offices, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are not assigned certain duties for which they are eligible.

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