Technical Translation: what you should know


When referring to a technical document, we can be talking about a wide range of documents from a variety of fields and subjects. The most common technical documents deal with manufacturing, industry, architecture or planning, use and functionality of a device, physical product or a computer programme. Technical documents can be about an existing device or one that is currently being developed and is not available yet. This means that technical terminology can be particularly complex, requiring additional research and technical skills, in particular for brand-new products. In some cases, new terms may need to be invented. For that we always ensure that the translator your technical document is assigned to, has the technical and linguistic knowledge required to perform the task.

You may be requested or required to provide technical translation of a document for various purposes. If you are planning to purchase or import a new device or product and require an authorisation to do so, be it for private use or for your company. The same applies if you are on the other hand selling a product or a device abroad. Either way, technical translation must be certified to be legally valid.

Some of the most frequently translated technical documents are product specifications, user manuals and guides, or any other document outlining use, technical features and functionalities of a device, tool or product.

An important aspect about technical documentation that the documents are often very lengthy and come in complex format with graphs and tables that all have to be reproduced in the translated text. Certified technical translation must not only be correct linguistically, but mirror match the original format. Bear this in mind when preparing your documents within specific timeframes and deadlines. Certified technical translation may take longer to complete than you expect.

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