Finding And Using Minimalist Stationary


Is there such a thing as minimalist stationery? Anyone who is accustomed to writing personal letters on envelope-quality paper might think so, as there is a certain decorum to this old tradition. Many people will only ever see stationary when receiving an invitation to wedding or baby shower, and these usually have decorative prints such as balloons and a bright border line. Something minimalist has a fine line an no specific manufactured label.

Having a very lightweight card could be the perfect solution for writing a wide variety of greetings and invitations. Not only is it an attractive formality, but a heavy weight paper that is conservative and traditional in its make can actually leave quite an impression. Nothing bold suggests a by-gotten time, and the lack of a header means that these bits of stationary can be used for almost anything. That is great when a handwritten letter is vastly preferable to email, and it is anytime a momentous turn occurs in anyone’s life.

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