A PASS ID card is issued in the UK to provide proof of age. It works under the national age proof accreditation scheme. This card will have your photo, date of birth, a unique number, the PASS logo and a hologram. It is approved by the Home Office and police. Due to its validity and endorsements, it is accepted across all shops and venues where age restricted items are sold. The ID card will allow you to enter such places without any problem. You will face no difficulty in buying your favorite items at these places.

This card scheme has been developed in close consultation with the industry representatives having a stake in such verification process. They can avoid letting in underage people not allowed at their establishment. It helps them comply with the local laws, rules and regulations related to age restricted entries at commercial establishments. The card helps them verify the person’s age immediately and allow only the verified person at their store. This card is accepted by most bars, restaurants, shops and clubs that have some age restricted entry rule at their establishment.

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