Drop Point Knives Vs Clip Point Knives

Drop Point Knives Vs Clip Point Knives

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Drop point knives and clipping knives are frequently confused with each other, but they are quite different. Drop-point generally, is pointed-bladed knives. Clip point blades, by contrast, have an edge at the end of the knife that is rounded. The rounded edge is usually wider, allowing for easier and precise cutting.

Drop knives have sharpened edges on the end, which make them perfect for creating cut-and-hold cuts in tough and/or thick materials. Clip- point knives also have a flat point at the end of their blade. These knives are generally used to make short, tight cuts into the material of a garment. While these knives work fine for these types of cuts, they are less versatile than drop point blades.

Although drop point and clipping knives may be similar at first glance, their differences begin to shine through when it comes to making these cuts. A drop point is more versatile because it can be used for any type of cutting.

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