Training Courses To Take For ISO 37001 Singapore


ISO 37001 is a system for anti-bribery management that represents a global accord of acceptable practices of organizations. Below are some of the courses that you can train on when it comes to ISO 37001 Singapore.

Requirements on Anti-bribery Management System

This is a challenging course that brings into play concepts of the system, benefits that come with the design, and its requirements.

Due Diligence Course and a Clear Understanding on Bribery

In the course, you will focus on the technical and operational challenges of implementing due diligence. You will also get a good understanding of bribery.

Anti-bribery Internal Auditor
Here you train to be an auditor. The skills you will gain in this course will aid you in undertaking audits under the system’s requirements.

Bribery is a menace that contributes heavily to corruption. Corruption brings down the economy of a country. The introduction of this system will significantly help in resolving this problem.

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