The Hitachi Smart Board


Experience great freedom and efficiency running your presentation, lesson, or meeting using a highly interactive LED-backlit, LCD display. Hitachi SmartBoard offers a choice of 65 as well as 75-inch displays. Either of the two will create the mantle of even the very aesthetic and top-notch spaces. Furthermore, it will provide a very useful and engaging way to conduct your sessions. What’s more, the integrated infra-red sensors are useful in detecting any contact with the screen and thus give one the great privilege to control your device by simply touching the image.

The advantage of using this type of board is that one can use a finger, an electronic pen, or a stylus to operate the whiteboard. In order to control the board using an electronic pen, one needs to deactivate the finger mode. Another pro is that it has providence for interactive group work; up to about three users can use the board simultaneously.
This board is ideal for day to day work errands. It is very user friendly, has an electronic-free of its surface, and out of the 16 function buttons it has, 14 are customizable for easy use.

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