Choosing Hair Barrettes For Toddlers

Choosing Hair Barrettes For Toddlers

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If you’re wondering what to look for when you’re choosing hair barrettes for toddlers, safety must come first. Most toddlers will be old enough to know better than to put things into their mouths, but you don’t want to choose hair accessories that are so small they might be a choking hazard. Once you’ve considered safety elements, select something that’s bright and fun for your little one to wear.

Young children are attracted to bright colors, so think about fun primary colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. You can look for fun designs and shapes, such as animals and flowers and airplanes. It might be a good idea to invite your toddler to help you pick out the barrettes. Provide two choices, for example, and let her decide which ones she likes best. This will let her feel like she has some control over herself, even as a youngster.

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