Waar wordt een infraroodlamp van Beurer voor gebruikt?


Infrared therapy is widely used in therapeutic medicine to help with various health issues such as muscle pain, detoxification, skin purification, boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure, among others.

One of the key benefits of infrared therapy is the improvement of blood flow throughout the body and overall cardiovascular health. This is because infrared light promotes the production of nitric oxide which contributes to healthy blood vessels. It also helps relax arteries and prevents blood from clotting in the vessels. Infrared lamps are also used in the beauty industry for skincare and for therapy for people suffering from muscle and joint pain.

The first Beurer infrared lamp was developed in 1919 by the company and has been in production ever since. They make a range of different lamps including medical products used in prevention and diagnosis, therapy devices and massage lamps and activity sensors and heart rate monitors.

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