The Beauty Of The Vintage Handkerchief

The Beauty Of The Vintage Handkerchief

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The Vintage Hankerchief has so many details stitched or printed into them that they are beautiful to carry and use. They even great items to copy and use the images for various projects like book covers or background artwork.

Vintage hankerchiefs are renowned for the hand stitching that often decorates the edges or the center of the cloth. There are many with handmade lace surrounding the edges of the cloth, while others have hand embroidered designs sprinkled throughout the span of the cloth.

These designs are often intricate and unbelievably detailed. It took hours to complete these small canvases. There sizes stay within a traditional boundary of 12 inches squared. The flowery ones were carried by women, while the more basic solid white ones were used by men. Still, the white one would have stitching details to make them uniquely identifiable as did the more elaborate colorful ones for women.

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