Can You Buy FDA Approved Supplements?


Food and Drug Administration does not review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness. You will still come across supplements claiming to have FDA approval. Are these products really approved by FDA? While these products are not FDA approved supplements, they comply with many FDA guidelines related to the manufacturing of food items. The products are manufactured under stringent conditions and in advanced manufacturing units. FDA retains the authority to cancel the marketing and supply of a supplement product if its safety is questionable.

Supplements that show side effects in users can be banned by the FDA. Keeping these facts in mind, you can purchase supplements that show manufacturing and marketing approval from the relevant authorities. Always buy the products of well known manufacturers specializing in supplement manufacturing. This way you will avoid buying spurious supplements that can harm your health. Use products that have been clinically researched and proven to be safe and effective. Always follow the usage instruction carefully and take a supplement only as instructed and in the required amount.

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