Some Examples Of Future Transport Projects


An example of a future transport project includes a proposal to turn the London Underground’s Circuit Line, which covers the central city area, into a seventeen mile long moving walkway, called a ‘travelator’, that would move at speeds of over 15 miles an hour.

The flying car has been a long-held dream for some transport futurists and one company, AeroMobil, has produced a working version of what they call a ‘pre-prototype’ flying car. The creators described it as ideal for medium range journeys, and suggested flying cars would be the solution to congestion on traditional transport networks.

While we’re in Jetsons territory with a flying car, how about flying but with a jetpack?
A lightweight design has been created comprising a carbon fiber body that is propelled by a gas engine. It provides vertical takeoff and landing and can also do sustained flight. Sign me up.

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